Restraint Please

In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I must state quite plainly, there are no erotic explicit sex scenes in this book or any of my other books.  There is romance, love, devotion, anger and other strong feelings which I try to handle delicately.  However, I firmly believe that physical intimacy is something private between a devoted married or life-mated couple, at least for species that have two sexes that form such unions.  Readers are welcome to use their imaginations but please respect the privacy of the individuals involved.

Also I know this will come as a shock, but Starfield is a practicing Christian and there will be no actual physical intimacy with Malacor until after the wedding ceremony.  It will give her time to be fitted with an internal oxygen supply for when she is submerged.

Human male and females are different species?

I received a email that insists human males and females are the same species.  After I stopped laughing, I requested the address of the mountain, enclave or other form of isolation he has found, the peace and quiet would really help move the next book along.  To prove my point I challenged him to take any event you can observe where at least one member of the opposite sex is present.  Now when the individuals involved are not in a hurry, get them alone and ask them what happened.   This works best in non-work related situations but even in a work environment there will be differences.  This is just one of those things were science says one thing but everyone knows in reality it just doesn’t work that way.

Females only?

It has been brought to my attention that my writing seems to make the assumption that my readers are female.  I am somewhat relived because that was what I was going for.  If you happen to be male, or some version thereof or some other sex please do not be offended.  Try looking at it as peering into the mind of another species, and if you get confused please consult the nearest female for enlightenment.