Where shall I begin?

My book has finally made its way into a public forum but now what shall I discuss?  I do not want to give to much away about the book.  I need to finish the sequel which is the “the Wedding” volume two.  When asked to provide her list of guests no one was expecting a maid of honor from a outlawed group of hunters who happen to be a race of meat eating plants.  Then there is a guest who is both a dangerous mind controlling parasite and the time controlling killer he is riding.  The Unification has sent an official delegation that is bringing in their own home grown terrorists, which we didn’t need as the Alliance has her own.  Starfield has her own worries, how is she supposed to explain Malacor to her elderly Avainary pastor?  What every shall I find to talk about?

The book is out!

Finally on 05/04/2012 the book “Spacecarrier” became available as an ebook on the website www.smashwords.com.  The exact link is https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/157238   I am still waiting for a manual review for it to go out to mainstream bookstores.  I am trying to pull together a website which can be used to access my blog, my books that have been published on the web, a link to cafepress where hard copies will become available.  It will also point to my twitter accounts and anything else that I may write.  Trust me it is like pulling teeth nothing is easy, I just want to get it all pulled together so I can concentrate on the next book.