Where shall I begin?

My book has finally made its way into a public forum but now what shall I discuss?  I do not want to give to much away about the book.  I need to finish the sequel which is the “the Wedding” volume two.  When asked to provide her list of guests no one was expecting a maid of honor from a outlawed group of hunters who happen to be a race of meat eating plants.  Then there is a guest who is both a dangerous mind controlling parasite and the time controlling killer he is riding.  The Unification has sent an official delegation that is bringing in their own home grown terrorists, which we didn’t need as the Alliance has her own.  Starfield has her own worries, how is she supposed to explain Malacor to her elderly Avainary pastor?  What every shall I find to talk about?

The book is out!

Finally on 05/04/2012 the book “Spacecarrier” became available as an ebook on the website www.smashwords.com.  The exact link is https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/157238   I am still waiting for a manual review for it to go out to mainstream bookstores.  I am trying to pull together a website which can be used to access my blog, my books that have been published on the web, a link to cafepress where hard copies will become available.  It will also point to my twitter accounts and anything else that I may write.  Trust me it is like pulling teeth nothing is easy, I just want to get it all pulled together so I can concentrate on the next book.


In a universe was at war, the spacecarrier was the size of a moon with more sentient beings in it ,than the colonies it was sent to protect.

On the spacecarrier First Lt Starfield was fighting her own battles.

She had to steal a prototype from the most feared division on the spacecarrier, avoid being assassinated by her commanding officer and hope her new found love did not have her executed. That was only the beginning.

Welcome to the first ebook in the Chronicles of Lady Starfield, volume I “Spacecarrier”.
She is the character that does most of the writing on my blog, please check out the free sample on http://www.smashwords.com.

Restraint Please

In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I must state quite plainly, there are no erotic explicit sex scenes in this book or any of my other books.  There is romance, love, devotion, anger and other strong feelings which I try to handle delicately.  However, I firmly believe that physical intimacy is something private between a devoted married or life-mated couple, at least for species that have two sexes that form such unions.  Readers are welcome to use their imaginations but please respect the privacy of the individuals involved.

Also I know this will come as a shock, but Starfield is a practicing Christian and there will be no actual physical intimacy with Malacor until after the wedding ceremony.  It will give her time to be fitted with an internal oxygen supply for when she is submerged.

Human male and females are different species?

I received a email that insists human males and females are the same species.  After I stopped laughing, I requested the address of the mountain, enclave or other form of isolation he has found, the peace and quiet would really help move the next book along.  To prove my point I challenged him to take any event you can observe where at least one member of the opposite sex is present.  Now when the individuals involved are not in a hurry, get them alone and ask them what happened.   This works best in non-work related situations but even in a work environment there will be differences.  This is just one of those things were science says one thing but everyone knows in reality it just doesn’t work that way.

Females only?

It has been brought to my attention that my writing seems to make the assumption that my readers are female.  I am somewhat relived because that was what I was going for.  If you happen to be male, or some version thereof or some other sex please do not be offended.  Try looking at it as peering into the mind of another species, and if you get confused please consult the nearest female for enlightenment.

Kissing an alien species that has no lips.

Since it is bound to come up eventually I thought my readers should know how to kiss a being without lips.  First if the being is interested in kissing you, it is a given that something about their face or mouth is sensitive to touch.  That is usually the tongue and the inside of the mouth but do not forget eyelids and sensitive areas of the throat.  Always be very gentle with the kissing until you find out how much pressure is stimulating.  I advise caution as you do not want him to get too excited, customs vary and you could accidently wind up engaged or married when you were only a little curious.

If you should find yourself imprisoned by a large salamander creature or some other non- humanoid entity with a perversion for humanoid females, your first goal is to be the last one he feds to any large hungry pets.  Be advised in the case of the above creature they are mouth breeders so fingers touching inside the lower gums will certainly endear you to him.  Bide your time, try to look for objects to use as weapons, although they are tough, a blaster fired several times down their throat will do substantial damage.  I don’t recommend it but if you have an escape plan and can get him alone, you can strangle him with a restraining chain, this is assuming you are an unwilling prisoner and not into that sort of thing,

Twitter is Starfield’s best friend.

Twitter is one of her friends, she is a Kwet.  Externally the Kwet resemble an earth bird, the ostrich except instead of wings it had feathered arms.  Her real brain rests inside her body cavity not her tiny head which is just a sensory organ.  The head with its large eyes and eyelids is usually covered in very elaborate makeup to match her clothes.  Twitter is an expert custom clothier and considers her own wardrobe her best advertisement.

Please note when I named this alien the internet service “Twitter” did not exist.  I strongly feel if there is a conflict since I had the prior usage, they should do the changing.  Please let me know if you feel I should look into using Twitter’s Kwet name.  I have no idea what it is, but I could ask her.


The Chronicles of Lady Starfield

Volume One: “Spacecarrier”

First Lieutenant Starfield is a human female in the military of the galactic empire known as the Alliance.

When we join her, she is trying to survive her commanding officer’s orders, avoid being killed by her own combat troops, and falling in love with the most dangerous being she has ever met.

And that is just the beginning!

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Welcome friends to my brand new blog, a terrifying amount of space to be filled with words, frequently.  The horror!  This is what happens when you write a book and share it with your friends.  Despite thirty years of devoted procrastination, I was forced to deal with a serious facebook game addiction and actually publish my first book.  Never doubt the power of creative nagging!  As a public service to my readers let me warn you about sharing stories with your friends, writing a novel is work! Who knew?